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Faithfully K9 needs to hire an additional trainer and we can't do it  without your generous donations! Just click on donate and help us give hope where there was no hope!

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Mission Statement
Empower an individual with a disability
to train a dog as their service dog
transforming both their lives
Faithfully K9 trains individuals
with PTSD, mobility and hearing issues

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Help us to give hope where there was no hope by donating today! Every dollar donated goes directly to train an individual with a disability to train their dog as a service dog.

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Mission Statement: To empower individuals with disabilities to train a dog as their service dog, transforming both of their lives.


Cathy has been training dogs for many years, most recently training service dogs for Freedom Service Dogs of America for almost 6 years.  She has trained dogs of different breeds and temperaments for individuals with disabilities including mobility issues, and PTSD for veterans and civilians. 


Cathy and Sarah created a program at Freedom Service Dogs of America through a grant from the State of Colorado to work with veterans helping them train the dog they received. This program was a 3 month twice a week commitment involving the client learning how to use their dog as they trained the dog to help them continue on their path in life.  


She trained her own dog Cash to be a therapy dog and visited several locations bringing a smile to many faces.


She is devoted to making training fun using the clicker method and positive reinforcement with treats. Having graduated over 50 service and therapy dogs, she has acquired many skills dealing with dogs and clients and enjoys sharing her talents.


She was recently on a segment of the Dog Bowl on Animal Planet showing her training a dog and highlighting a dog she trained, Rommy, the first Decker's Dog.


Sarah first started her love of training dogs through 4-H with her Border Collie, teaching him obedience, tricks and agility. 


She graduated from the University of Washington, studying animal behavior and human psychology.  


For five years she managed a doggie daycare and transformed it into a "Canine Activity Program", where the dogs rotated through various activities during the day as a more structured and healthier form of daycare.  During this time she also taught obedience and pre-agility classes in the evenings.  


For the past nearly ten years Sarah trained service and therapy dogs at Freedom Service Dogs of America.  She had the role of Dog Training Director and graduated over 50 teams. 


After teaching in public schools and coaching athletics for many years, Anne switched to work in the dog world in 2004. She worked in the Animal Behavior Department at Dumb Friends League for 4 years, learning positive reinforcement training, helping dog and cats become more adoptable, teaching new adopters how to work with their dogs, passing on her knowledge to volunteers, and counseling people through the behavior helpline to help with common cat and dog problems to help the animals stay in their home and not be relinquished to shelters. Then she ran the two downtown Denver City Bark Dog Daycare and Boarding Facilities for 7 years, bringing her behavior and dog body language expertise to make the boarding and day care experience more enjoyable and less stressful for both dogs, employees, and pet parents. After that she was hired by Freedom Service Dogs where she worked with both Cathy and Sarah before they left to found Faithfully K9. From 2017-2021, she placed over 20 dog teams with veterans living with PTSD, children living with autism, people living with mobility issues, and professional therapy dog teams performing animal assisted therapy in private practice and at schools.


Cathy - Faithfully K9 Executive Director and trainer
Cathy Kowalski

Founder,Executive Director and Trainer

Sara - Trainer of faithfully k9
Sarah Galassini


Anne Burgess

About Us
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Service Dog Training


Custom training to train you to train your dog to become your service dog with public access.

Therapy Dog Training


Individualized training to train your dog to provide therapy at various locations. 

Therapy dogs work with human/health providers with the intent to use their dog in their practice. They can also visit with their handler to provide comfort, affection, and relief to others at schools, hospitals, hospice, and locations dedicated to older adults.

Project Hope

Skilled Companion Dogs for First Responders to help mitigate anxiety, depression, and negative thoughts.

Pet Dog Training


Personally tailored

dog training in your home.

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Dog/Handler Teams

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Success Stories

Committed & Knowledgeable

I worked alongside Cathy for five years as a volunteer handler with Freedom Service Dogs. Cathy is an amazing dog trainer, whether it be training a service dog, a therapy dog or a well-behaved pet. I learned so much working with Cathy and would not be a volunteer handler were it not for her. With all I learned from Cathy and with her assistance, my timid dog, Luca, is now a certified therapy dog. Cathy is not only a great dog trainer, she is very, very committed to her clients and to the dogs. She has good dog-training knowledge, skills and techniques as well as energy, enthusiasm and ethics.

Lori and Luca


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Conifer, CO

80433 USA

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