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Project HOPE

Heroes - Optimistic - Positive - Encourage

Weekend training is not available and evening hours available on a limited basis

Through Project HOPE, Faithfully K9 Service Dogs trains dogs belonging to First Responders to become skilled companions - to help to mitigate anxiety, depression, distress and negative thoughts as a result of trauma experienced from being a first responder. These dogs do not have public access but instead work in the home. We can help First Responders find a dog if they don’t already have a dog.


Client/dog teams meet once a week in their home. The team then practices what was taught that session every day until the next session. This includes basic obedience and custom tasks providing comfort, interrupting negative behaviors, grounding techniques, deep pressure therapy and assisting by waking from nightmares.


This training is provided at no charge to First Responders, we rely on donors and sponsors to offset the costs.


A minimum of 70 hours of training (including the time they work with their dog at home) is required. Some teams may take longer to finish the program.


First Responders are close to our heart

We want to make a difference

 Giving hope where there was no hope


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