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A tribute to Stellar... 

Remembering our first volunteer, Stellar, who was an amazing golden doodle that represented Faithfully K9 as our PR professional for almost 4 years. Stellar could do anything - pick up keys or a credit card, open the refrigerator and get out a bottle of water, open the dryer - take the clothes out - put them in a basket - drage the basket to another room - and hand you the clothes. She was in everything we did from Facebook to articles in The Mountain Connection. She was the star of every presentation, always getting a laugh as she picked up items while Cathy was speaking or after she had picked up all the items and put them in the basket, she would take them out again so that she could put them back in!


She worked with almost all the service dog and therapy dog teams helping them learn to work around other dogs, showing them something wasn’t scary when they were fearful, and teaching them tasks when they weren’t quite getting it.


She never met a dog or a person she didn’t like, and she will always be remembered as our ambassador and the best partner ever.

She was our ambassador, she was an assistant trainer who helped dogs learn when learning was difficult, she was a friend to all - the most amazing service dog who gave her heart to everything she did.


Stellar passed in August of 2021 after dedicating her life to giving hope where there was no hope.  Stellar was loved, cherished, and will always be in our hearts. Thanks to those who have donated in her memory.


Stellar the service dog shovels snow.JPG
Thank you Kerri, Mary and Jaime for the
generous donations in Stellars memory.
This money will used to
provide training sessions for one of our clients. 
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Cathy Stellar 2016.jpg


A tribute to Freedom...

Freedom excelled at everything he did including picking his partner, Nancy, when he jumped in her lap and refused to budge. Nancy shared that her greatest motivation in life is freedom, and she desired a dog that was so well trained and had such a sweet temperament that he could experience freedom throughout his life. Freedom and Nancy embarked on therapy dog training - he loved the attention and his gentle, sweet demeanor provided the foundation. Freedom, an Australian Shepherd mix, was a phenominal therapy dog, working with Nancy through Denver Pet Partners and celebrated as their team of the month May, 2012. Trained by Nancy, they volunteered at Hospice of Saint John for 4 years. Everyone loved Freedom at hospice, he had the uncanny ability to know exactly what people needed from making them laugh as he tossed a stuffed animal in the air, to a cuddle, or just feeling his dog energy as he laid by their bed. His playfulness and love for human attention enriched the therapy experience. Nancy shared that Freedom taught her to be a better person. Freedom will be missed but never forgotten, his gentle giving spirit lives on.

Freedom 112413.jpg
Freedom with Dove HOSJ Revised.jpg
IMG_E0762 (3).JPG
We are grateful to Nancy, Pam, and Dianne
for their donations in honor of Freedom.
These funds will be used to provide training
for one of our service dog teams.
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