Faithfully K9 Service Dog and Dog Training

Service Dog Training
Watching a service dog make it possible for an individual with a disability to have increased independence or a veteran isolated for years be able to go to dinner or a movie is the inspiration for Faithfully K9 Service Dog Training.

Cathy and Sarah have worked with a variety of dogs and clients, graduating over 90 service dog and therapy dog teams. Disabilities ranged from clients with mobility issues, veterans and civilians with PTSD and children with autism. We have a close relationship with our clients and believe in thinking outside the box to find ways a service dog can make a clients’ life more enjoyable while giving them more independence.

Service Dog Training
We offer Service Dog Training for clients who own a dog that they believe can be trained to be their service dog.  We are also willing to help them find a dog if they don't already have one (however that is not a guarantee that the dog will be able to be a service dog).

We work with clients with diagnoses including mobility issues, autism and PTSD.

Fake service dogs make it difficult for disabled individuals with a true need for a service dog to take their dog in public. To ensure that the training is needed for a disability, diisabled individuals requesting service dog training for their dog must provide documentation from a physician that states the disability and a recommendation from that physician including information on how a service dog could mitigate the individual’s disability.

Requirements for service dog training
Physician recommendation for a Service Dog
Dog and Client Evaluation which includes
  • Meet and Greet (first meeting with client and dog)
  • Behavior evaluation (at first meeting)
  • Five outings to evaluate dogs’ comfort in public (Usually 3 meetings at 5 different locations)

If it is determined that the dog is a candidate to become a service dog, the dog’s owner will sign a contract
  • Agreeing to attend all training sessions
  • Agreeing to use Faithfully K9 training methods
  • Committing to training their dog with the trainer and at home for 100 hours
  • Committing to 30 hours of public training 
  • While in the service dog training program, Faithfully K9 asks that dogs not be taken into the public (unless it is a location that allows pet dogs) without one of our trainers or permission from our trainer until they pass the Public Assessment.

There may be other requirements as needed.

The training is in your home or an area in which you live.  Most of the time it is one on one training, however there are times when training is with other Faithfully K9 clients so that the dogs can work with another dog present.  It is hard to predict the total cost, as a dog that has good obedience training would only need custom task training. Training is a commitment - the more you work with your dog affects the hours needed with the trainer.  At this time we ask for $50 per session from our civilian clients, however that does not cover the cost of training the service dog. Our veteran and active duty clients have given so much to our country and therefore we do not charge them for training. We are always seeking sponsors to offset costs for all training. Sponsorships for a service dog team are $10,000 - this covers the total cost of training a service dog. 

At then end of training you and your dog will have a public assessment. When your dog passes the assessment and a skills test, a vest from Faithfully K9 will be supplied.

Click on Does your dog have a future as a service dog for further information and to fill out a contact form.
Cash and Stellar were both trained by Cathy using positive reinforcement.

Stellar is a retired Freedom Service Dog and the demo dog for Faithfully K9 Dog Training and Service Dog Training. She is a 5 year old golden doodle who proudly takes clothes from the dryer, places them in a basket and drags the basket to another room! She also pushes the handicap button to open doors, picks up dropped items and approximately 25 other commands to assist clients with a disability. There are over 15 commands to assist a person with PTSD.

Cash is a therapy dog who has participated in the R.E.A.D. program where children read to him as well as a HAVIC therapy dog and a visiting therapy dog at various rehab and senior living centers in the Denver area.

ESA – Emotional Support Animals
Emotional support animals do not have public access. We do not train emotional support animals.

Financial Assistance

There are options available for financial assistance
  • Create a Go Fund Me or other crowdfunding page
  • Start a fundraiser

Colorado Law states that is illegal to misrepresent a service dog.  We will only train service dogs for persons with disabilities.
We are working closely with Doc's Dogs, an organization in California that provides service dogs to veterans with a disability.  If you are a veteran with a disability and do not already have a dog, fill out the application for Service Dog and mail it to: 
Faithfully K9
25587 Conifer Rd.
Suite 105 #129
Conifer, Co  80433
A $130 donation can cover the cost of one training session.