Faithfully K9 Service Dog and Dog Training
Faithfully K9’s mission is to empower individuals with disabilities to train a dog as their service dog transforming both their lives.

Dog training strengthens the bond between you and your best friend. Clicker training allows you to mark your dog's behavior giving them a better understanding of what it is that you want. Creating a positive atmosphere for learning gives your dog the opportunity to excel. Pawsitive training - connections from the heart!

Faithfully K9 trains dog teams for individuals with Autism, PTSD and mobility issues.

We are very experienced in working with dog teams who are seeking to experience more independence and to enrich both the lives of the human and their dog partner.

References are required from a medical professional indicating that a service dog would help to mitigate a prospective client's disability.

If you believe your dog could become your service dog, there are a few things you should consider. It takes a certain temperament for a dog to be comfortable in public. 

Here is a checklist to help you decide if your dog would excel and be happy as a service dog.
  •  Does your dog enjoy being around people? A service dog must be relaxed around children, toddlers, people wearing hats, flowing clothes, people in  wheelchairs, with canes etc.
  •  Does your dog love people too much? A service dog must not solicit attention from people.
  •  Does your dog get very excited when children are running or screaming in play? A service dog must be calm and ignore their surroundings.
  •  Does your dog bark at people or at other dogs on leash? Service dogs must be quiet and not react to people who are inappropriate or dogs who are  growling or barking at them.
  •  Is your dog afraid of sudden loud noises? Service dogs can have a quick reaction but must be able to readjust quickly.
  •  Is your dog comfortable in public? Does your dog tuck their tail, lick their lips or have sweaty paws when in public? These are signs of stress.
  •  Does your dog pay attention to you? Service dogs have to be more interested in their person than on their surroundings.
  •  Does your dog have a strong prey drive? Service dogs should ignore squirrels, rabbits and other animals.
If after reading this information you still believe your dog can be trained to be your service dog, please fill out the questionnaire and email it to Faithlfully K9 at You will then be contacted to make an appointment.

Faithfully K9 Dog Training and Service Dog Training Service Dog Training Questionnaire

Name _____________________________________________________________             Cell Phone _________________________

Address _________________________________________________                              Home Phone ________________________ 

                                                                                                                Email ________________________________________

Emergency Contact Name _____________________________________________                                    

Relationship __________________________________                             Emergency Contact Phone _________________________

How did you hear about Faithfully K9? _____________________________________________________________________________

What is your diagnosis? ________________________________________________________________________________________


How do you think a service dog would change your life? 



What devices do you use? (wheelchair, cane etc.) ___________________________________________________________________ 

Dog Name ________________________                     Breed _______________________________                 Age _____________

How long have you owned this dog? _____________

How does your dog react to people? ______________________________________________________________________________ 

How does your dog react to children playing loudly, running etc.? _______________________________________________________ 

How does your dog react to dogs on leash? ________________________________________________________________________ 

How does your dog react to sudden loud noises? ____________________________________________________________________ 

How does your dog act in public? _________________________________________________________________________________ 

How does your dog connect to you? _______________________________________________________________________________

Describe your dog’s prey drive ____________________________________________________________________________________

Please include a picture of you and your dog as well as a recommendation from a medical professional stating that a service dog would help to mitigate your disability.