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About Faithfully K9
Cathy has been training dogs for many years, most recently training service dogs for Freedom Service Dogs of America for almost 6 years.  She has trained dogs of different breeds and temperaments for individuals with disabilities including mobility issues, children with autism and PTSD for veterans and civilians. 

Cathy and Sarah created a program at Freedom Service Dogs of America through a grant from the State of Colorado to work with veterans helping them train the dog they received. This program was a 3 month twice a week commitment involving the client learning how to use their dog as they trained the dog to help them continue on their path in life.  

She trained her own dog Cash to be a therapy dog and visited several locations bringing a smile to many faces.

She is devoted to making training fun using the clicker method and positive reinforcement with treats. Having graduated over 50 service and therapy dogs, she has acquired many skills dealing with dogs and clients and enjoys sharing her talents.

She was recently on a segment of the Dog Bowl on Animal Planet showing her training a dog and highlighting a dog she trained, Rommy, the first Decker's Dog.

Stellar holding keys
Stellar holding an umbrella
Both Cathy and Sarah achieved service dog training certification through Freedom Service Dogs.  Although the certification is only valid while working with Freedom Service Dogs, the requirements were challenging and it was a significant accomplishment.
Sarah first started her love of training dogs through 4-H with her Border Collie, teaching him obedience, tricks and agility. 

She graduated from the University of Washington, studying animal behavior and human psychology.  

For five years she managed a doggie daycare and transformed it into a "Canine Activity Program", where the dogs rotated through various activities during the day as a more structured and healthier form of daycare.  During this time she also taught obedience and pre-agility classes in the evenings.  

For the past nearly ten years Sarah trained service and therapy dogs at Freedom Service Dogs of America.  She had the role of Dog Training Director and graduated over 50 teams.
Sarah and Echo
Cathy and Cash
A $25 donation could help purchase treats for dog training.